Born and raised in Floridian suburbia, Alisha lived the life of a traveler on her living room couch watching countless hours of Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain. An only child to a single mother, Alisha never had the luxury of annual travel in her youth, but after saving with work study money in college (she’s not sorry she didn’t use it on books), Alisha bought a round trip ticket to the Cayman Islands by herself and that was the first step.

Her unique travel perspective comes from her many years of being a spend thrift with the $$$ but not with the experience. She loves all kinds of travel experiences from five star resorts in the Caribbean to hostel life in Australia. She tries to balance her travel with authentic native experiences and luxury western accommodations, and somehow, the budget always allows. Don’t wait to start your travel life like she did. Buy the ticket you’ve been dreaming about.

When not traveling, Alisha calls Los Angeles, CA home.