Where am I traveling this year? And how to score deals on airfare!

I love being an actress. I’m lucky enough to work to support myself, which is a huge step in LA. However, part of the gig is always making yourself available. One of the sayings of my industry is “as soon as you book a trip, you will book a job” and it’s true!

I booked a two week trip for myself and a friend the summer of 2014 and ended up canceling it because I booked a great gig. It was so heart-breaking because not only was I disappointing my friend, but I had to postpone my first trip to Europe. I used to be so fearful of missing out on work that I wouldn’t travel. But last year I was incredibly antsy because I never left LA. It kind of drove me nuts.

So this year I vowed to travel more and so far I’ve been to Paris and Berlin (finally!), Vegas, NYC, and SF. But there is more awesomeness in store. Here’s what I’m planning for myself and tips for how I booked my flights:

los angeles

June- Explore Los Angeles and surrounding areas more.

No flight, just lots of driving and exploring. I think this is the most exciting part of being a traveler. What better way to learn how to explore than by learning every nook and cranny of your own city. I think I will take time to explore new hiking trails and camp.


July- Miami, Florida. 3 days.

Flight: Free with points on Virgin America. I got the points because of a promotion Virgin had with Airbnb. See here for details. If you are thinking about listing your place on Airbnb SIGN UP FOR THIS PROMOTION! 20,000 points for earning money through Airbnb? A clear no-brainer. I think I will do a separate post about this promotion.

maui image

August- Maui, Hawaii. 5 days.

Flight: $360 RT. Sale on Virgin America because it was starting a new route to Maui direct from Los Angeles. I found out about the sale on the trending section of Facebook. Make sure to “like” your favorite airlines on Facebook to stay in the loop.


September- Rome, Italy. 7 days 

Flight: $770 RT. I’m not sure it was a sale, but it was an awesome deal direct through Air Canada. September is a great time of year, cost-wise, to travel to Europe and still enjoy the warm weather. I’ve seen great deals for even cheaper than this, but I liked that we would only have one connection in Montreal.


November- Bali. 8 days.

Flight: $560 RT. I found this AMAZING deal through an email I receive daily through The Flight Deal. This flight is usually around $1400 RT, so when I saw this price I couldn’t pass it up. I highly recommend signing up for the emails.


Who knows, maybe I’ll add more trips to the itinerary, but for now I am so excited to start planning my travels. If you have any tips for me or ideas for where I should explore, leave a comment below!

Alisha Wainwright



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