Munich and Paris: two week euro trip in a carry-on


Finally- my first trip to Europe happened!!! I visited friends in Berlin for five days followed by eight days in Paris. The average temperature was in the mid 40s during the days/high 20s in the evenings. I packed everything into a carry-on and one medium sized purse because I cannot stand 1) dropping/picking up checked luggage and 2) Picking up luggage at customs. All that can add as much as two hours to one trip especially during the holidays. Carry-on equals more relaxed travel on trains and buses and budget airlines won’t charge extra. I will forever hate checked bags, so when I can avoid it, I do with pleasure.

We chose an AirBnB apartment in Berlin with a washing machine, so  I only needed to bring enough for about five days and then I tossed everything into the wash. With all the listed items in my luggage, I had extra space for all the dijon mustard and chocolate my heart desired.

Tips when selecting clothes:

I used to make the mistake of packing items without thinking of complete outfits. I highly recommend you pack by outfit, not by items. I chose a khaki color scheme, and from there it was relatively easy to piece together items.

Dancing in the Palais Garnier like a real dork

Here is what I brought

On my back:

  • Colorful infinity scarf- Anthropologie
  • Fur-lined jacket– Mango
  • 1 bra/panty- just got resized at Victoria Secret!
  • Knit sweater- Gap
  • Grey tee- Rag & Bone
  • Jeans- Levi’s
  • Boots- KUPURI

In my purse:

  • Purse- Madewell
  • A book- The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • Notebook- for morning pages, Pen

In my Carry-on:

  • Carry-on- Travelpro
  • 3 Packing cubes (various sizes)- Eagle Creek
  • 2 Compression bags (medium sized)- old
  • Coat– Anthropolgie
  • Cowl-neck knit sweater- old
  • High Waisted black pants- old
  • 5 long sleeved shirts- in large packing cube
  • leather sneakers– for those walking days
  • 2 dresses- Once dressy velvet number, one black casual
  • One work-out outfit- I always bring workout clothes, but I don’t always work out. I don’t kid myself about it. I don’t bring sneakers and when the mood arises to work out, I put on 20 minutes worth of Blogilates. No sneakers required.
  • 7 pairs of panties, 4 socks- to be washed periodically
  • 2 bras- one sexy lingerie type, one nude with detachable straps
  • toiletries- mouthwash, lotion, conditioner, hair cream, hair gel, face wash, contact lenses, cosmetics, etc
  • laptop, charger- in the front compartment of my luggage
  • 2 sets of PJs- I bring a short, a long pant, and one tank; my work out tank can stand in as the other half of the second set

Optional: hats, gloves and a curling iron- I just chopped off all my hair, so upkeep is as simple as a wash with light product. Hats look dumb on me at the moment so I didn’t pack any.

Happy travels and let me know if you like these kinds of packing lists– next time I will definitely include pictures and possibly a video!


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