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Airplane/airport food can be a bit meh and pricey too. It always seems like no matter how much I eat before getting on the plane, I’m hungry as soon as we hit cruising altitude. Although free peanuts and pretzels are nice (if you’re lucky), sometimes you want something a little more to get through the flight. I looked up online recommendations for foods to bring on board and a lot of advice seems so unreasonable (cooking noodles with the hot water the stewards give you for tea? This girl ain’t got time for that). My recommendations for snacks aren’t groundbreaking, but here was my food and drink game plan for a 9 hour transatlantic flight I took recently from Orlando to Munich.

Pre Boarding:

I drank 50 ounces (about 1.5 liters) of water as I finished packing in the morning. I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to hydrate BEFORE you get on the plane, especially if you plan on drinking (and I planned on drinking). I gave myself enough time to make a million trips to the potty before I got on the plane, so that was fine.

What I brought on board:

Duncan on a flight from LA-> Orlando

Sliced cucumbers in a plastic bag- cucumbers are refreshing, hydrating, and delicious and perfect to dip into..

Individual packed hummus– I brought two of them with me. One for dipping with the cucumbers and one for dipping whatever snack is given to me on the plane, usually pretzels. I have had no problems getting these through security.

A prepackaged small veggie sampler with a small packet of ranch dressing— The one I got had carrots, broccoli, and grape tomatoes with Hidden Valley Ranch.

Olives– Olives are the perfect airplane snack because they are so salty! The higher you are in the air, the more your taste buds are dulled, so olives are a healthy salty alternative to chips and are more filling. I got a few packaged snacking olives that were seasoned with jalapeño. I would also suggest pickles for a vinegary twist.

And I haven’t tried it yet, but edamame with a sprinkle of sea salt. It’s a great snack in general, but it seems perfect for that airplane.

Packaging snacks:

I put everything into plastic sandwich bags i.e., no tupperware. I don’t want any space wasted with dirty plasticware, so bring everything in baggies. I keep a few of them and reuse them for random things— they always come in handy while traveling (wet swim suits, garbage collection, left overs of snacks you purchase while traveling).

Airplane food:

I flew Delta internationally, and although I don’t mind Delta at all, their food left something to be desired. It wasn’t very delicious, so I actually passed. However, the breakfast package I received a few hours before landing was very good.

To drink on the plane or not to drink:

What I didn’t drink on the plane, I made up for in Munich

Any beauty guru will tell you not to drink, buuuuuuut I’m not a beauty guru. I’m a frugal actress with a healthy drinking habit. I limit the drinking to a maximum of three drinks (and that includes any drinks had at the terminal gate). On my flight to Munich,  I had 3 glasses of red wine and 40 additional ounces of water on the plane and I was stellar.

Hope these tips help you snack smarter on your next trip. The main take away is to bring stuff that is prepackaged, so prep time = the effort it took to go to the store. Also— be wary of things with strong smells (canned tuna, beef jerky, etc.) or you may get some unwanted looks from fellow passengers.

Bon voyage and eat well 😀


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